Benefits of Owning Best Gamepad



What is the best PC gamepads in 2014?

If you are so much into gaming then you should better try to own a gaming pad for making the gaming experience much awesome. The gamepads that are modern in the market can really be much beneficial compared with the computer keyboards and joysticks that are traditional. There are chances for the gamepad to be available for having control over virtual characters for easier navigation. You may need to use only few fingers when you are playing the game and there is no need for connecting gaming pad to game console. There are various advantages with the usage of gamepad. You need to know about these advantages so that you can easily understand whether the gaming pad is suitable for you or not.

Wireless Operation

Gamepads that are sold for various gaming consoles or sold along with them are usually wireless. The older gaming pads and the classic joysticks should be connected with the console. When you use these gamepads you get the chance for using the wireless ones so that you can sit at any distance that you feel and can play the game. You can have control over video game even without going infront of screen. If you need the gaming pad to be charged then you need to connect that with the console. You can use the gamepad even at the time when you are using gaming pad.


There are so many options that you have with the gamepad, it can help you not only in controlling the characters of video game but also can provide so many other facilities. You can use gaming pad in the form of remote when you are watching movie using play station. You can use gamepads for fast forward, rewind, pausing the videos. This can reduce the need of the keyboard to be used as controller. It can be much harder for handling the keyboard if you are so much used with playing games over console.

Thumb Control

When you are making use of gaming pad, you need to depend mostly over thumbs for controlling the games. When you are holding gamepad, your thumb can have control over all buttons other than trigger buttons available on gamepad. When you use fewer fingers for controlling video games you can easily simplify virtual tasks. You can use middle finger or pointer finger for controlling trigger buttons. There are some games in which there is no role for the trigger buttons that is you only need to use the thumb for some games.

Motion Sense

There are certain consoles that features motion sensors and they usually come with consoles for making the gaming experience much better. There are various consoles that are available featuring motion sensing and can also come with wireless sensors. Motion sensor controlling is all about controlling the virtual characters by tilting, rotating and doing such things with the gamepad than using the buttons. You can rotate the gamepad for controlling the steering of the vehicles that you are using in the game. This feature cannot be available with traditional joysticks.